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White Collar Crime Charges Require a Strong Defense

Were you arrested for embezzlement? Are you under investigation for fraud? In Michigan, many white collar crimes are filed as federal charges, which tend to carry large penalties.

The Difficulty with White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes tend to be document-heavy cases. They come with long paper trails and intricate computer-based evidence. Your Ann Arbor criminal defense lawyer must be able to analyze this evidence carefully to find weaknesses in the case against you.

Additionally, your lawyer must be well-versed in the rules of search and seizure since violations of constitutional rights could lead to evidence being thrown out and entire cases being dismissed.

Experienced Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights After an Arrest

At Dawid & Gatti, PLLC, our lawyers have 48 years of criminal law experience. While defending our clients from charges, we are diligent when handling every aspect of these cases, often sifting through numerous boxes of documentation and gigabytes of electronic data.

Our criminal law attorneys in Ann Arbor know how to prepare a strong defense against white collar crime charges of all kinds, including:

The biggest challenge to your defense with a white collar crime federal cases is the amount of investigating and preparing completed by federal agents and prosecutors. Typically, they do not file charges until they have a very strong case. While this can make defending against white collar charges more challenging, it also presents you with opportunities that we will fully exploit during your defense.

Early Intervention Sets the Stage for Success

If you are being investigated, you do not have to wait until charges are filed to obtain our help. During the investigation phase, we can intervene on your behalf.

By getting our white collar crime attorneys involved right away, we can more readily seek a positive outcome early in the process. We may be able to prevent charges from being filed altogether or, at minimum, make certain you are in the best possible position to defend against charges if they are filed.

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