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DUI, or driving under the influence, and OWI, or operating while intoxicated, are serious criminal charges which could cost you time, money, your driver's license, and your reputation. They are often used simultaneously in Michigan criminal cases.

Penalties following a first-time DUI or OWI conviction include:

  • Jail time up to 93 days
  • License removal for up to one year
  • Skyrocketing insurance rates
  • Six points added to your criminal record
  • Up to $500 in fines and fees
  • Required ignition interlock on your vehicle

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Blood Alcohol Levels in Michigan

You can be charged with a DUI if your blood-alcohol level exceeds 0.08% at the time that you are pulled over by a police officer. If your BAC is above 0.17%, you may be charged with an elevated DUI which comes with greater penalties. You can be pulled over if the officer observes you speeding, swerving, driving too slow, driving aggressively, or disobeying traffic signals.

After you are detained, the officer can demand you to take a blood-alcohol test. You have the right to refuse field sobriety tests, but if you do not take the breathalyzer test you can be issued an additional civil infraction. Field sobriety tests include walking in a straight line on the side of the road, following a light with your eyes, or standing on one leg.

What to Do when Pulled Over for a DUI in Ann Arbor

If you are driving down the road and see the flashing lights of the police in your rearview mirror, it can be a very jarring experience. This is especially the case, if you had a drink earlier. Although your first instinct may be to think that your arrest for OWI is a foregone conclusion, how you behave next can greatly influence whether you will be charged with drunk driving. Here are some tips for interacting with the police:

Pull over and exercise caution. Don't panic when you see the police lights. Turn on your signal light and cautiously pull over to the safest area in the road to do so. Do not slam on your brakes, make any awkward or suspect movements or attempt to outrun the police. Have your license and registration ready to present to the officer. Roll down your window and do not attempt to exit the vehicle or make any swift movements.

Watch what you say. Don't offer up any information whatsoever, including when they ask if you know why you've been stopped. Simply shake your head, pass your identification to the officer and remain silent. Any verbal engagement with the officer can be your downfall- especially if you smell like alcohol- which the officer can then state in his report as his cause to ask for a Breathalyzer. Do not admit to drinking to the officer.

Do not consent to a search if you are asked to step out of the car. This usually only happens if the officer believes that you are intoxicated and wants to begin field sobriety tests (also known as FSTs) or a preliminary breath test (PBT). Roll up your window, lock your car and do not agree to a search of the car if the officer asks if he can do so. If you consent to a search of your car, there's no going back, whereas an illegal search can later be dismissed in court.

Stay silent. If the officer decides to administer a preliminary breath test or field sobriety test to determine whether you are intoxicated, you should be remain silent and alert as to what the officer is asking of you. Both the PBT and FST tests can be refused, as the charge for refusal in Michigan is a civil, not criminal, fine. If your results yield 0.8 or higher, or the officer has some other reason to believe you are intoxicated if you refuse the tests, you will likely be arrested and taken to the station for a blood, breath or urine test to determine your blood alcohol content.

Ask for your lawyer. If you are arrested for OWI, it is important to obtain legal representation as soon as possible, in order to ensure that you have a fighting chance of mitigating the charges against you. With over 20 years of experience of defending those accused of OWI, the Ann Arbor DUI lawyer at Dawid & Gatti, PLLC can fight on your behalf to achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

Know Your Rights

Drivers who are arrested for OWI have rights, and it is important to know what they are in the event you or a friend find yourself in this situation.

Keep in Mind:

  • If you are pulled over because a police officer suspects you are intoxicated, you are still innocent until proven guilty. That guilt must be established beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • You have the right to record your traffic stop and the interaction between you and the police officer so long as it does not interfere with the process of the stop.
  • If law enforcement agents confiscate an item during the stop, they are supposed to give you a receipt. You are not required to sign a consent-to-search form and should not do so if asked.
  • You are not required to take a breathalyzer test. However, this can lead to an immediate suspension of your license.
  • While you need give the officer your identifying information as well as registration and insurance cards, you have the right to remain silent. Be sure to use this right, and don't answer any questions without legal representation.

What is most important?

Your most important right is your right to an attorney. You have the right to have an attorney present for any questioning. Once you request an Ann Arbor DUI lawyer, all questions must stop.

Don't ask for just any lawyer. Ask for an experienced Ann Arbor DUI attorney from the law firm of Dawid & Gatti, PLLC. Having a legal professional at your side will help ensure you obtain the best possible outcome. An OWI is a serious offense that can affect your entire life.

How an Ann Arbor DUI Attorney Can Help

Some people assume that they can’t contest the breathalyzer results that preceded their arrest. This is not true. We may be able to argue for a motion to suppress evidence if we can prove that your breathalyzer test was taken under unfair circumstances, the test results were handled incorrectly, or the breathalyzer was faulty. These tests are not foolproof, and we will explore every option to try to prove your innocence.

Our Ann Arbor DUI attorneys can also discuss the nature of your arrest to ensure that the officer complied with all Michigan state protocol. If the policeman was not fair when conducting your tests, this may be a valid argument in the courtroom.

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