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2 charged for their alleged involvement in violent crimes

Michigan authorities responded to a shooting on Dec 21 involving what they suspect was a drug deal gone wrong. Two individuals turned themselves in on the following day. One has been charged with the murder of the victim and the second was charged with lying to police during a violent crimes investigation.

When authorities arrived on the scene they saw what seemed to be evidence of a violent struggle. They also discovered two victims, one who had suffered facial injuries and the second who had been shot to death. Police say that the shooting victim was able to run across the street before his injuries caused him to collapse. 

The mother of the alleged shooter believes that her son was acting in self-defense. She claims that the victim and another man forced their way into the defendant's home and initiated the altercation. The second defendant purportedly misled the police during the investigation when she informed them that she had no part in the murder. She also allegedly falsely informed police that the shooting victim attacked her.

In violent crimes cases, like this one, Michigan defendants typically benefit from speaking with a local criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can help a defendant use the available evidence to build the strongest possible defense against the charges. While it remains to be seen how these charges will play out in court, each defendant is fully protected by the presumption of innocence at every stage of the proceedings. That means that it is the sole responsibility of the prosecution to actually prove the allegations in court and beyond a reasonable doubt -- a legal standard that is often difficult to meet.

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