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Mother prepares criminal defense after the death of her baby

A mother in Michigan is likely grieving over the death of her child after he allegedly suffocated during the night. Authorities believe that the cause of death can be attributed to the fact that the mother and child were sharing a bed and have charged her with child abuse and involuntary manslaughter. Those in charge of building her criminal defense argue that these charges are too severe.

Authorities claim that the mother of three fell asleep with her infant son on her bed after drinking alcohol. It is speculated that during the night the child became caught between the bed and the wall and suffocated. Authorities are also considering an anonymous complaint filed by a staff member at the hospital where the woman gave birth claiming that she appeared to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. 

After being informed of the charges, the defendant said that she allowed her son to sleep in her bed because he had been sick and she was afraid that she wouldn't hear his cries during the night. The defendant also clarified that the alcohol she had that day was consumed over the course of several hours, and not all at once. When she awoke and saw that her child wasn't breathing, she claims she tried to revive him but dissolved into hysterics after realizing that her attempts were not working.

An unfortunate series of events has taken not only the life of this Michigan mother's youngest child, but it has also caused her two older children to be taken from her as well. Accidents like this one can set off a chain reaction that changes the lives of entire families forever. Consulting with a criminal defense attorney may help those who have found themselves facing charges for crimes that are the results of unusual or unfortunate circumstances. 

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