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18 people face federal charges for drug crimes

State and federal law enforcement are said to have cooperated in a large-scale drug bust recently. Federal warrants were obtained in early September for the arrest of 18 individuals, 13 of whom were said to reside in West Michigan. All but four of the individuals are now in custody and facing federal charges of drug crimes. The authorities have requested the public's help in locating the four who remain at large. 

An unspecified number of searches were performed in conjunction with the arrests. Law enforcement personnel say they found and seized several kilograms of heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Equipment used to pack the drugs, a small number of weapons and ammunition, and a large amount of cash were also allegedly confiscated.

It is alleged that the named defendants brought the drugs into the state from California on a tractor-trailer. Authorities also suspect that the drugs were intended for distribution in Grand Rapids and Benton Harbor. The defendants, if convicted, may be sentenced to prison for as many as 20 years in some instances, and up to life in others. One of the detained individuals was shot in the chest during the bust and is expected to be formally charged in federal court at a later date.

Anyone who is the subject of a drug crimes investigation, or who has already been formally charged, has every right to consult an attorney in order to preserve their considerable legal rights. In cases similar to these reported proceedings, enlisting the help of a Michigan attorney who is familiar with the federal criminal justice system makes good sense. A lawyer can help the client navigate through the maze of evidence and accusations to come. An attorney may also help to ensure that proper protocol is followed at every turn and that all individuals receive fair treatment. 

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