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Woman arraigned on OWI charges

A woman was recently arraigned for her involvement in an accident outside of a Michigan elementary school. The defendant was charged with felony third-offense OWI, misdemeanor OWI, driving with a suspended license, failure to stop at the scene of a personal injury accident, and having an open alcohol container inside of a vehicle. Her bond was set at $50,000, and she was expected back in court on Oct. 25. 

Authorities say that the accident occurred on a Tuesday afternoon outside of Steenland Elementary School. Witnesses claim that the defendant was driving erratically and blocking school traffic while attempting to do a U-turn. The defendant supposedly hit a crossing guard with her vehicle when he asked her to move her car out of the intersection. 

It was then alleged that the defendant drove away from the scene and returned on foot 10 minutes later. When the defendant returned to the scene, the crossing guard claimed that she accused him of jumping in front of her car. When authorities arrived, they took the woman into custody. The crossing guard was not severely injured and initially refused medical attention, and he returned to work the following Wednesday.

Michigan residents who have been accused of OWI may wish to contact an attorney as soon as they are able. An attorney can help his or her client to sort through all of the case details and ensure that the client fully understands the charges. The attorney can then help the client mount the strongest possible defense with the available information. 

Source:, "Detroit woman arraigned on OWI charges after crossing guard hit outside school in Roseville", John Steckroth, Oct. 18, 2017