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4 charged with white collar crimes in Detroit

Four individuals have been accused of running a deed fraud scheme in Detroit, Michigan. The supposed ringleader has been charged with 34 felony counts. These charges include extortion, larceny by false pretenses, conducting a criminal enterprise, and home invasion. Two of the defendants have been charged with eight felony counts, and the last defendant has been charged with three felony counts. Building a strong defense for white collar crimes like this requires a strict attention to detail.

The defendants would supposedly collect a small fee, usually between $1,000 and $5,000, from individuals in exchange for vacant properties in the Detroit area. Next, the defendants allegedly gave these individuals a forged affidavit or quick claim deed to the property in question. These documents were then said to have been unlawfully recorded at the Wayne County Register of Deeds. The lawful property owners were said to have been unaware of these sales. 

Allegedly, the defendants have received more than $21,000 from nearly two dozen individuals in exchange for properties. They have supposedly been filing or assisting in filing false affidavits since Jan. 2016.  There were allegedly 19 properties located in the Detroit area involved. 

Individuals in Michigan who have been accused of white collar crimes may benefit from contacting a professional early on in the proceedings. An attorney will be able to help the defendant to sort through and understand all of the charges, and he or she can offer solid advice on how best to proceed. Cases like this rely heavily on the accurate portrayal of details. 

Source: Detroit Free Press, "Two dozen victims duped out of $21K in Detroit deed fraud scheme; 4 charged", Elisha Anderson, Sept. 26, 2017