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14 accused of violent crimes in Detroit

Michigan residents may have heard about the recent arrests of 14 supposed members of the Playboy Gangster Crisps street gang. These 14 individuals have been accused of committing numerous violent crimes in Detroit. All of the defendants are being charged with RICO conspiracy. Two of the defendants have also been accused of drug-related crimes. This gang was supposedly identified while authorities were investigating two other gangs active in the area.

These individuals have allegedly been involved in armed robberies and carjackings in the Detroit area. The gang members are also being accused of murder. Finally, authorities believe that they are involved in drug trafficking in an area called Seven Mile Road, which is between Lasher Road and Evergreen Road.

It is suspected that the gang has been selling drugs out of vacant buildings in the area. These buildings include two houses located on Trinity Street and a small gas station. Authorities also speculate that the defendants have been using social media sights as a platform to sell drugs and illegal weapons. 

People accused of violent crimes like these have to pay special attention to the details of their cases. It may benefit Michigan residents who stand accused of crimes like these to contact an attorney early on in the proceedings. Attorneys can assist their clients by ensuring that they understand the charges and what the possible punishments are for them. They may then help the defendants to sort through all of the information available to them and build a defense against the charges.

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