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12 arrested and accused of drug crimes in Oakland County

Twelve people in Michigan were arrested recently. Federal and state authorities have charged these individuals with drug crimes in Oakland County and some of the surrounding areas. Many of these defendants, if convicted, may face enhanced penalties for the crimes of which they are accused. This may include serving up to life in prison. Some of the charges date back to 2013.  

The defendants were allegedly responsible for the sale and distribution of a heroin and fentanyl mixture. Fentanyl, when mixed with heroin, makes the drug more potent, which may cause an unsuspecting user to overdose. This particular mixture is supposedly linked to the deaths of at least four people. The Sheriff in Oakland County also referenced a list of people that were apparently given Narcan, which reverses heroin overdoses, by police officers.  

Authorities have also alleged that one of the defendants was the leader of this drug ring. Supposedly he has been managing an extensive drug sales network on at least two of his properties. This network is believed by authorities to extend to at least three other counties in addition to Oakland. The counties that authorities believe are linked to the network are Livingston, Macomb and Wayne.

Michigan residents that have been accused of drug crimes may wish to consult with an attorney early on. Contacting a professional at the first opportunity gives a defendant the best chance of building a strong defense. An attorney can also help by assessing the evidence proffered by prosecutors to determine whether it properly obtained and handled by the authorities.

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