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What to do if you are accused of fraud

Fraud charges are a serious matter, and may result in heavy fines or even years of jail time. However, many fraud allegations are not as simple as they seem. In many cases, individuals accused of fraud have not actually broken the law, or perhaps they simply have a misunderstanding about some particular aspect of financial regulations.

In other instances, some party may accuse another party of fraud to redirect attention from their own misdeeds. When it comes to large sums of money, human beings are often capable of awful things.

If you recently received charges of fraud, or if federal agents show up at your door asking questions, you must choose your responses carefully. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, your actions and words are now under great scrutiny as the agency builds its case against you.

It is unwise to proceed in these circumstances without legal counsel from an experienced defense attorney. Even a small misstep in this process may mean years of your life behind bars. Financial fraud investigations, especially into healthcare-related fields, are popular right now, and you certainly don't want your entire career to crumble because of a poor response to fraud charges.

Remain calm and quiet

Make no mistake, every single thing you say to anyone who does not enjoy immunity from a subpoena can make its way into a courtroom and build a case against you. This means that your friends, colleagues and even family members may have to testify in your case, compelled by a subpoena.

It is wise to simply refuse to talk about the matter with anyone but an attorney representing you. Your attorney will keep your conversations confidential, so you can be open and honest with the attorney about your level of involvement in the activities alleged against you.

It is usually very unwise to try and cover up some misdeed if you did make a mistake and act in a way that justifies the allegations, even partially.

In many instances, the cover up and not the initial alleged offense is the thing that sinks the ship, so to speak. A rash reaction may arise out of fear rather than guilt, but federal agents are unlikely to give you this benefit of the doubt.

Get help immediately

Many people who face a legal conflict may think to themselves, "Do I really need a lawyer to resolve this?" In the case of fraud charges, the answer is yes, you do.

Do not jeopardize your future by acting rashly. You may have many more options than you realize if you calmly, quietly seek out professional legal counsel and assess your circumstances to identify the defenses you have available.