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Teens charged with violent crimes after throwing rocks at cars

Michigan residents may have heard about the five teens who were recently arrested. These teens have been charged with a number of violent crimes including second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, and six felony counts of malicious destruction of property. Four of the boys were arrested, and the fifth turned himself in. They are currently being held at a detention center and county jail.

The defendants allegedly caused damage to multiple cars on the evening of Oct. 18 by throwing rocks over two overpasses onto the interstate below. Both of these overpasses were located in Vienna Township. Authorities claimed to have found at least 20 rocks on I-75, one of which supposedly weighed 20 pounds. 

Witnesses say that a van was traveling south on I-75 under the Dodge Road overpass when a rock fell through its windshield. This rock was said to have struck the head and chest of the individual riding in the front passenger's seat, causing severe injuries. Because of his traumatic injuries, the passenger later died at a nearby hospital. Authorities say that the rock responsible for the injuries weighed six pounds. 

Poor decision making is the cause of many unfortunate occurrences across the nation. Unfortunately for some, these occurrences can possibly result in the filing of criminal charges. Michigan residents who have been charged with violent crimes can benefit from consulting with a lawyer. An attorney may be able to use details from the case to help his or her client build the strongest possible defense. These details may include the defendant's intentions or his or her actions after the alleged crime was committed. 

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