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Rapper accused of white collar crimes

Few Michigan locals would suspect a successful artist of using scams to increase his or her wealth. However, a local rapper and another man risk several years in federal prison for their alleged involvement in white collar crimes. They have been charged with mail and wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to defraud the government.

Supposedly, the two men contacted the Unemployment Insurance Agency and obtained debit cards in order to access the unemployment benefits of several individuals. The addresses they are accused of using are located in the Detroit and Southfield areas, as well as a few others. Upon receiving these debit cards the defendants would allegedly cash out the accounts. 

It is alleged that the defendants used multiple IP addresses to file the unemployment claims. The defendants have allegedly filed more than 260 claims and stolen more than $250,000 in government funds. Authorities have claim that none of the people living at the addresses used in this scheme applied for unemployment insurance.

It can sometimes take months or even years to sort through all of the details regarding accusations of white collar crimes like these. Individuals living in Michigan who face similar charges may benefit from contacting a lawyer. An attorney can help the client build a strong defense, designed to give the client the greatest chance at the most favorable outcome. Each criminal proceeding is different, and a savvy defense attorney can often spell the difference spending a prolonged period of time in prison and achieving a much more satisfying result.

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