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Criminal appeals court tosses out marijuana case

Two former corrections officers in Michigan were charged with possession of marijuana and fired from their jobs. However, after reviewing the evidence and the means by which it was obtained, their case was thrown out of criminal appeals court. The men were originally charged in 2014.

Authorities performed searches of each of the defendants' homes early one morning in 2014. They did not have a warrant to search either home, only the defendants' verbal consent. In the homes, the authorities found marijuana-infused butter, which both defendants were registered under the medical marijuana law to use. However, authorities claimed that their use of the butter did not comply with the law. 

The state Supreme Court later ruled that the warrantless search violated the men's constitutional rights despite the fact that they had given consent. It was also asserted that the police were intent on searching the property at night without a warrant, and they also intended to question the defendants about possible criminal activity. The judge also said that there was no emergency that would have justified a search without a warrant.

Criminal convictions or even accusations can turn a person's life upside down for months or even years. However, those who have been convicted can file criminal appeals. These appeals give the accused another chance to defend themselves. Individuals living in Michigan who wish to file a criminal appeal could benefit from contacting an attorney. A lawyer can help his or her client to review the case and build the strongest possible defense. 

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