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5 ways heroin can impact your future

A modified version of morphine, heroin is a strong opiate that has the potential to cause extreme effects on the body after just one use. There are a few different kinds, but most can be injected, snorted or smoked.

No matter which type is used, it has the potential to cause dramatic effects in the body. It causes changes to the brain and affects your physical body. Since heroin is so dangerous, it is an illegal drug in the United States. If you are caught with it, you could face heavy penalties in court. How can heroin affect you?

1. It affects your dopamine levels

Heroin is very good at making you want to take it again, and many believe it could cause an addiction from the first use. It causes a rush with heavy sensations in the extremities. It reduces pain, but it also causes lethargy and sedation in the short term. The initial high only lasts a few minutes, but the after-effects last for hours.

Once the body adjusts to the use of heroin, you'll need to take more to get that same rush, and that's what leads to the second way heroin can affect you: overdose.

2. It causes overdoses

Since heroin takes hold of people strongly, they feel they must take it to satisfy their cravings. The problem is that the body quickly regulates itself and becomes tolerant to the drug. As this occurs, you must take more to get the same high. Increasing the dosages can eventually lead to an overdose. Not all people die from overdoses, but overdoses can cause other long-term side effects and injuries.

3. Heroin ruins your teeth

If you use heroin for a long period of time, it's normal to see damage to the teeth and gums. It's more common to see this damage if the user snorts or smokes heroin directly.

4. It causes mental health problems

The way heroin impacts the brain can lead to mental health issues with continued use. Some may find they develop depression, and others may have increased anxiety. Social isolation is common as the user begins to take heroin more often. Memory problems also become a concern.

5. Heroin use can lead to arrest

If you're caught with heroin, either using it or selling it on to others, you can face charges. It's possible to face a jail sentence, an extended time in prison or other harsh penalties. Your attorney can help you understand your rights and help develop a strong defense against the charges.