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How much does an OWI cost in Michigan?

You weren't thinking straight when you got behind the wheel, but you didn't believe you were over the limit. Despite that, you're now facing an OWI charge for your actions. Now, you've been arrested for an OWI, and you need to do your best to defend yourself.

You know that if you're convicted, you'll end up paying fines. Do you know everything that could end up costing you? Here are a few of the fees you may face.

1. Driver Responsibility Fees

One of the fees you face is a driver responsibility fee. This fee is $1,000 for an OWI or $500 for an OWPD, which is operating a vehicle with the presence of cocaine or a Schedule I drug in your system.

If your blood alcohol concentration is .17 or higher, then you face higher fines in general. The DRF is still $1,000.

2. Fines or jail time

Sometimes, you face court fines or jail time. Sometimes, you face both. If you are fined, you could pay up to $500 for an OWI with a BAC under .17 and up to $700 for an OWI with a BAC of .17 or higher.

In both of the above cases, the listed fines are for a first offense. If this is not your first offense, the fines will be higher in most cases.

3. Insurance premiums

One other thing that some people don't realize is the increase to insurance premiums a DUI or OWI causes. Insurance is somewhat based on risk. If you are a riskier person to insure and are more likely to cause or get into an accident, your insurance will go up. An OWI shows that you are not a responsible driver, and that can result in much higher premiums. The change to your premium varies depending on the company, number of times you've received an OWI and other factors.

These are a few fines and penalties you could face if you're convicted of an OWI. A strong defense may help you avoid these fines and protect your reputation.