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Embezzlement is one of the white collar crimes created by statute

White collar crimes in Michigan and nationwide take a cumulative toll on our economic well-being. The government unfortunately spends far too many resources trying to make arrests that are debatable violations of the criminal laws that exist. One of the commonly recognized white collar crimes, however, is embezzlement.

Embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of property, usually money, by one who has lawful access and who is lawfully entrusted with the property. To embezzle means to take or convert to one's own use the property of another where the embezzler has the lawful control and access over the property. A bank employee who skims funds from the drawer each day may be guilty of embezzlement.

To convict of embezzlement, there must be a relationship of employment or agency between the owner of the funds and the accused suspect. The funds must have come into the person's possession due to that relationship. The offender must have intentionally and fraudulently appropriated the money to his or her own use.

A case of embezzlement has been charged against a woman who was an employee of Northwestern Michigan College until her termination on March 27, 2017. She allegedly misused her NMC credit card. She was issued a credit card in her capacity of providing educational resources and technologies to certain college departments.

Because she had to make purchases of resources, she was issued a credit card. Police recently issued an arrest warrant against her. The precise details of how the accused may have misused the card have not been revealed in the press reports on the arrest. She allegedly made improper purchases for over $1,000 and less than $20,000, and was charged with embezzlement as an agent or trustee under the Michigan criminal laws. The seriousness of the punishment for white collar crimes will depend on the facts of the individual cases, but the accused individual who can make full restitution will be treated more leniently than those who fail to do so.

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