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Violent crimes charges filed against suspected shooter

Arguments in bars are not necessarily uncommon. Individuals who have had more than their fair share to drink may find themselves more likely to share their thoughts and feelings with those around them. However, patrons of a bar in Michigan recently saw and, in one case, videoed one such argument between two groups of people dissolve into something much worse. One of the two men arrested is facing multiple violent crimes charges.

Authorities were given a video shot on a cell phone that supposedly showed part of an altercation between the two groups of people at a Southfield bar. At some point during the argument, the defendant supposedly pulled out a handgun and began shooting, which can supposedly be heard on the video. Four people had been shot by the time authorities arrived, including one of the suspected shooters.

Three of the victims were shot in the chest. One of these men was reported to be in critical condition and the other two were said to be in stable condition. The fourth individual, who was also arrested, had been shot in the arm. 

The defendant now faces multiple charges for his suspected involvement in the shooting. He has been charged with assault with intent to murder, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and carrying a concealed weapon among other charges. Police in Southfield are asking for anyone with more information about this shooting to contact them. 

The video caught on a bar patron's cell phone is likely an important piece of evidence. However, it does not necessarily tell the whole story. A local attorney may be able to help Michigan clients who have been charged with violent crimes to use information like this to their advantage when building a defense. They are often able to use their skills to emphasize that evidence like this video only tells part of the story and, when appropriate, help others see and understand an alternative and equally plausible series of events. 

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