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Bank fraud and other white collar crimes committed in Michigan

A man originally from another state has been charged by Michigan authorities with multiple counts of conspiracy, fraud and identity theft. There are a total of 17 charges. The defendant could possibly serve up to 30 years in prison and be given a $1 million fine for these alleged white collar crimes.

These crimes were supposedly committed by the defendant, and possibly others, in 2015.  Authorities allege that the defendant traveled to Michigan and broke into vehicles and homes. Supposedly, he did this in order to obtain the owners' identification documents. This included checks for personal accounts and other transaction devices, like bank cards or credit cards.

After obtaining these items, authorities claim that the defendant would use the items at bank drive-through locations. The defendant, as well as others, are suspected of impersonating the account owners by presenting the identifications at the related banks and withdrawing funds from the accounts. Authority figures involved in this case have encouraged individuals to protect their identification and financial documents by ensuring that they lock their doors and keep these documents out of sight in vehicles. 

When white collar crimes like those alleged in this instance are suspected, it can take a substantial period of time for the investigation to be completed. Every document must be carefully reviewed, and a person's accounts or credit could be affected for years. People being accused of these types of crimes in Michigan could benefit from contacting an attorney. A local lawyer may be able to assist a client to build the strongest possible case, focused on achieving the best possible result. 

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