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September 2017 Archives

Mother prepares criminal defense after the death of her baby

A mother in Michigan is likely grieving over the death of her child after he allegedly suffocated during the night. Authorities believe that the cause of death can be attributed to the fact that the mother and child were sharing a bed and have charged her with child abuse and involuntary manslaughter. Those in charge of building her criminal defense argue that these charges are too severe.

Criminal defense begins with the right to an attoney

Many people might not know that in Michigan, as well as most other states, defendants are not required to have an attorney during their first court appearance. Defendants will very often go into their arraignment hearings without representation of any kind. It is important for the accused, especially those individuals who are facing possible prison sentences, to build a strong criminal defense from the very beginning.

18 people face federal charges for drug crimes

State and federal law enforcement are said to have cooperated in a large-scale drug bust recently. Federal warrants were obtained in early September for the arrest of 18 individuals, 13 of whom were said to reside in West Michigan. All but four of the individuals are now in custody and facing federal charges of drug crimes. The authorities have requested the public's help in locating the four who remain at large. 

Woman arrested for OWI after alleged Facebook comments

Arresting a suspect for drunk driving on the basis of Facebook entries may not be all that it's cracked up to be. It happened recently in Michigan, but certain aspects of the arrest and prosecution for OWI may prove problematic for the government. The authorities arrested the woman after they saw incriminating evidence on her Facebook page.

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