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August 2017 Archives

Police may charge drug crimes and homicide in overdose cases

The opioid epidemic in Michigan and throughout the country has caused law enforcement and other agencies to devise strategies to combat that form of drug traffic. They have also focused on trying to reduce the numbers of overdose deaths from opioid use. One strategy of law enforcement agencies has been to crack down and include, in addition to drug crimes, a charge of homicide against the dealers who provide drugs to the individual who then dies from an overdose.

Jury rejects man's criminal defense to resisting arrest charge

Resisting arrest is a somewhat common charge that comes up in traffic violations and driver impairment cases in Michigan. When an officer makes a traffic stop for erratic or suspicious driving patterns, resisting arrest is the last thing on the mind of the suspect or the police. However, things are known to typically escalate and emotions are sometimes unleashed and difficult to control. Criminal defense counsel must then step in and confront the propriety of the resisting arrest charge.

These drug crimes are common among addicts

An addiction hinders your ability to stop taking drugs even if you want to. The withdrawal is severe and potentially life-threatening, depending on the drug you use. People who are addicted to drugs don't need to be in prison. They need to be where they can get the help they need to recover from an addiction and dependency outside their control.

Criminal defense to drone delivery will depend on the facts

Prisons in Michigan do not allow inmates to possess cell phones. The prohibition creates an extensive underground trade in cell phones within the prison populations. When arrests are made for smuggling cell phones, both those on the outside and the inmates inside must determine whether they have a viable criminal defense that can be raised against the charges.

Dispensary owners are being arrested for felony drug crimes

Medical marijuana in Michigan was meant to bring about pain relief and other positive medical outcomes for persons suffering from specified chronic conditions. However, difficulties with the interpretation and application of the caretaker provisions of the law continue to crop up. Raids of marijuana dispensaries in the northern part of the state have been taking place recently, with the result that dispensary owners are facing charges for drug crimes, which is certainly not an intended outcome of the law's intent.

Drug crimes the subject of large dragnet by feds and state cops

The federal prisons are filled with individuals from Michigan and elsewhere who have been convicted of drug charges. Many of these persons are serving draconian sentences for drug crimes under unrelenting federal sentencing guidelines. Although the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the guidelines are not mandatory, the federal district court judges continue to pay homage to the steep guidelines sentencing frameworks.

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