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July 2017 Archives

Embezzlement is one of the white collar crimes created by statute

White collar crimes in Michigan and nationwide take a cumulative toll on our economic well-being. The government unfortunately spends far too many resources trying to make arrests that are debatable violations of the criminal laws that exist. One of the commonly recognized white collar crimes, however, is embezzlement.

Criminal defense will assert religious rights in mutilation case

Despite the presumption of innocence, courts in Michigan and elsewhere do not always provide bail to seemingly deserving defendants. In a recent case in Detroit, a federal court judge has denied bail to a doctor who is accused of performing genital mutilation on girls from a Muslim sect. The decision to deny bail is questionable, especially in light of the woman's likely criminal defense.

Police accuse marijuana dispensary worker of alleged drug crimes

The advent of medical marijuana has been a step forward for Michigan and other states with respect to reversing the harsh results of the decades-long war on drugs. However, with most new laws that liberalize prior unreasonable policies, a new set of necessary laws and regulations emerges. It may even be said that a new category of drug crimes has sprung up due to the expressed need to regulate the medical marijuana industry.

Resisting arrest may be wrongly in the violent crimes category

Michigan criminal law follows most other jurisdictions in making it a crime to resist or obstruct the police in making an arrest. Such offenses may be categorized as violent crimes, but they often do not involve the level of criminal intent or the depth of violent action that are usually perceived as falling into that classification. The reason is that most resisting arrest situations involve some degree of force being applied not only by the suspect but also by the police.

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