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Are Frat Members More Likely To Drink?

There is no doubt that alcohol consumption is a problem among college students. The problem is worse among frat members. Studies show that members of fraternities drink greater quantities of alcohol, drink more frequently and are more likely to get into trouble for alcohol-related issues such as drunk driving.

Frat Members Do Not Respond To Alcohol Counseling Programs

Not only are frat members more likely to be heavy drinkers, a recent article from Reuters cites additional studies that conclude that frat members do not respond to alcohol counseling programs like other members of the student population do. In fact, the evidence seems to show that they do not respond to these programs at all, and that levels of alcohol consumption remain the same even when going through such programs.

Steven Giles, an expert on college drinking quoted in the article believes that there is hope for counseling programs, even among frat members. He states that the studies cited missed certain types of counseling programs that may be more effective. He also points out one of the biggest challenges when dealing with fraternities: "Greek-organization members may view some alcohol-related problems like blacking out, fighting or driving under the influence as a badge of membership or something to be glorified."

Fraternities And OWI

One issue not discussed in depth in the article is the fact that heavy drinking and a glorification of drinking and driving can lead to criminal consequences. College students who drink and drive may be charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI), which could lead to fines, incarceration, driver's license suspension and, in some circumstances, could jeopardize an education and a future career.

What fraternity members and their parents need to know is that OWI charges can be fought. Simply pleading guilty could jeopardize educational and career prospects, so it is valuable to contact an attorney to find out about options for fighting these charges.

At Dawid & Gatti, PLLC, we understand that young adults make mistakes, and we believe that the mistakes made in youth should not be allowed to ruin a person's life. That is why we defend against OWI charges.