Case Results

Open Murder/Weapons Felony FirearmDismissed at Preliminary Exam
3 Counts of Criminal Sexual MisconductNot Guilty Verdict, Charges Dropped
3 Counts of Embezzlement2 Counts Dropped, Third Charge Reduced
2 Counts of Assault w/ Dangerous Weapon, 2 Counts Assault, Unarmed Robbery, Larceny from the Person7 0f 8 Charges dropped, no prison time
Unlawful Possession of Harmful Device, MDOBCharges Dismissed
Operating While IntoxicatedCharges Dismissed
Parental Rights Termination, Criminal Sexual MisconductParental Rights Restored, All charges dropped
PanhandlingCharges Dismissed
Animal CrueltyCharges Dismissed
Assault and BatteryCharges Dismissed
Assault, Home InvasionNo jail time,
Attempted Home InvasionNo Jail time
Retail Fraud, R/O Police OfficerSuccessful Resentencing on Appeal
3 Counts Armed Robbery, Weapons/Felony Fire Arm, 2 Counts Assault with Intent to Rob while ArmedReduced Sentencing
Assault w. Dangerous weaponCharges Reduced
Domestic ViolenceNon-Guilty Verdict
Assault by StrangulationNo Jail time