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Rapper accused of white collar crimes

Few Michigan locals would suspect a successful artist of using scams to increase his or her wealth. However, a local rapper and another man risk several years in federal prison for their alleged involvement in white collar crimes. They have been charged with mail and wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to defraud the government.

4 charged with white collar crimes in Detroit

Four individuals have been accused of running a deed fraud scheme in Detroit, Michigan. The supposed ringleader has been charged with 34 felony counts. These charges include extortion, larceny by false pretenses, conducting a criminal enterprise, and home invasion. Two of the defendants have been charged with eight felony counts, and the last defendant has been charged with three felony counts. Building a strong defense for white collar crimes like this requires a strict attention to detail.

Embezzlement is one of the white collar crimes created by statute

White collar crimes in Michigan and nationwide take a cumulative toll on our economic well-being. The government unfortunately spends far too many resources trying to make arrests that are debatable violations of the criminal laws that exist. One of the commonly recognized white collar crimes, however, is embezzlement.

What is wire fraud?

There are many, many different types of fraud charges, both under state and federal law. By definition, fraud refers to crimes that involve intentionally deceiving another person or entity for purposes of monetary or personal gain.

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