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Criminal defense to drone delivery will depend on the facts

Prisons in Michigan do not allow inmates to possess cell phones. The prohibition creates an extensive underground trade in cell phones within the prison populations. When arrests are made for smuggling cell phones, both those on the outside and the inmates inside must determine whether they have a viable criminal defense that can be raised against the charges.

Criminal defense will assert religious rights in mutilation case

Despite the presumption of innocence, courts in Michigan and elsewhere do not always provide bail to seemingly deserving defendants. In a recent case in Detroit, a federal court judge has denied bail to a doctor who is accused of performing genital mutilation on girls from a Muslim sect. The decision to deny bail is questionable, especially in light of the woman's likely criminal defense.

Prescription medications and OWI charges in Michigan

While most states refer to impaired driving as either a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated), Michigan refers to drunk or drugged driving charges as an OWI: operating while intoxicated. Like most states, Michigan sets its blood alcohol level at 0.08 percent. This means it is relatively simple to determine alcohol intoxication under the law in Michigan. However, the law for OWI charges also includes those who are determined to be impaired while under the influence of street drugs or even prescription medication.

What to do if you are pulled over for drunk driving

If you are driving down the road and see the flashing lights of the police in your rearview mirror, it can be a very jarring experience. This is especially the case, if you had a drink earlier. Although your first instinct may be to think that your arrest for OWI is a foregone conclusion, how you behave next can greatly influence whether you will be charged with drunk driving. Here are some tips for interacting with the police:

Are Frat Members More Likely To Drink?

There is no doubt that alcohol consumption is a problem among college students. The problem is worse among frat members. Studies show that members of fraternities drink greater quantities of alcohol, drink more frequently and are more likely to get into trouble for alcohol-related issues such as drunk driving.

Does The Label 'Felon' Come With A Life Sentence?

When a person is charged with a felony, what exactly does that mean? A felony is an offense that is considered more serious than a misdemeanor and can range from tax evasion to gambling to homicide. If convicted, the individual is then labeled a felon and typically faces severe penalties, such as time in prison.

Is Junk Science Sending People To Jail?

For decades, forensic science has carried a great deal of weight in the courtroom. Forensic evidence showing alleged matches in bullet marks, tire tracks, bite marks, shoeprints and fingerprints has been instrumental in many cases. Judges and juries often take this evidence at face value and convict accordingly. But how reliable is it?

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