Get The Facts Before You React

Being charged with a crime is scary. It may be one of the scariest things you will ever have to deal with. You may be scared that you will end up behind bars. You may be scared that your life will be ruined. Are these fears realistic? Maybe. Maybe not.

Do not let fear guide you. Before you talk to police or prosecutors, before you react in a way that might ultimately hurt your case and make your situation worse, talk to an experienced attorney and get the facts. At Dawid & Gatti, PLLC, we will give you an honest assessment of your situation. We will not use scare tactics to get you to hire us, and we will not let our opponents use scare tactics to push you into a guilty plea or an unreasonable plea bargain.

Our lawyers have decades of experience positively resolving criminal law cases in Ann Arbor and throughout Southeast Michigan. Not only do we know the penalties that are on the books for various crimes, we know the penalties that courts actually issue. We know when incarceration is a realistic threat, and we know when probation is more likely. We will tell you what the possible outcomes of your case are. We will educate you about your options and we will guide you toward the one that makes the most sense in your situation.

Taking Criminal Defense Cases To Trial

We are trial attorneys. There is not a single case that we would not take to trial, from drunk driving charges to federal white collar crime charges.

Why is this important? Our trial readiness and our record of success in the courtroom give us leverage in negotiation. As trial attorneys, we have the leverage needed to make plea bargaining successful. While the majority of cases do not actual go to trial, we are always ready to argue in front of a judge and jury if a prosecutor is unwilling to deal.

A Free Consultation Is Your Starting Point

In a free consultation, we will review your case. Whether you are under investigation, charged with a crime or facing a post-conviction matter, we will talk to you about the potential outcomes of your case and the options available. We will also provide an estimate of our fees.

To schedule your free criminal defense consultation, send an email or call 734-794-3966.